The Importance of Tribe

The 100 Day Warrior XI is coming up. For the eleventh time a group will make a life-changing adventure. They will be introduced to the version of themselves that is hidden under a layer of thoughts, beliefs, concerns that causes people to abuse their body, mind and spirit. We work too hard and we are focused on getting and attaining more because inside we feel we are not enough.

We bring out the best version of ourselves by training the body and quieting the mind. With strenght and peace comes courage and vulnerability. The 100 Day Warrior will help you get in great physical shape but our goal is not to feed your ego and increase your vanity, our goal is to dismantle your ego with wisdom and compassion.

Our society is built on the illusion of deficit. Every day we live in fear of not being good enough, not making enough money, not being pretty enough or safe enough. It is hard to be enough in a world that tells you you are not. That’s why we need tribe.

A warrior is a man or woman who is brave enough to be authentic, who lives with an open heart and a straight back, who doesn’t hide behind a facade. S/he is open about feelings, emotions and fears and not judgmental of the experiences of others. When our inner warrior is not awakened, we live in fear. We suffer and we try to hide that from others. So we need our tribe. We need to surround ourselves with people who want us awake, we need to help others to stay awake. We can recharge when we have our tribe around us.

My goal was never to create a cool course so I could make some bucks. My goal was alway to build a tribe of strong and open-hearted people, who can make a difference in the lives of others. We are getting there. Last Wednesday we had a special gathering and about 35 people showed up. By gathering we are reminded of the importance of tribe.